Session of Radionic Board of Divine Consciousness Angels




This board is composed of various elements of Sacred Geometry and forty (40) Angelic Symbols which gives us a deep connection with the Divine, allowing us to work with Angels, Archangels and other Beings of Light.

✨These Beings of Light👼 are energies in a much higher vibration than ours, but they are in constant communication with us.

✨The benefits of a session are:
1) Assisting you in regaining self-love, self-esteem & self-confidence;
2) Reconnection with your Guardian Angel and other Archangels;
3) Removal of blockages and solution of difficult situations;
4) It will contribute and bring into your field the energy of courage, strength, integrity, physical & emotional protection;
5) Cleansing of negativity and eliminating it from your life and your environment;
6) Harmonization of Chakras, bringing needed virtues for your self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness, raising the vibratory and biological frequencies with Angels & Archangels;
7) Expansion of your inner light to very high levels, causing us to experience unconditional love with angelic energies;
8) Greater energy and vitality, helping to restore a better quality in health and well-being;
9) Activation of angelic and flower essences in your auric field;
10) It will act in all areas of your life, at energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, performing from a deep and complete energy cleansing;
11) It will bring angelic protection into your life, through angelic symbols and their activated mantras.

✨The Radionic Board of Angels 👼 of Divine Consciousness is suitable to people of any age.

✨This Board can also be used for environments (homes, workplaces, cars, objects & furniture)

The Session takes approximately 1 hour.


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Lost Lobos © 2024 All rights reserved.