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Shamans are those people who work with the invisible forces of nature to bring healing. Did you know that there is consciousness in all things and everything is connected in the Great Cosmic Web of the Universe? When people say God is everywhere, it means that the Divine spark is inside us and all over the Universe.

In ancient times most cultures practiced shamanism and had greater contact with nature. Modern life has led humans away from nature and spirituality. However, shamanism still exists and many people are practicing shamanism in the modern world. Besides shamanism, there are several holistic techniques (ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, Systemic Family Constellations, etc) that help expand consciousness.

Since I was a child I have always had the need to connect with nature. My best memories from childhood and youth were moments experiencing nature. Due to this interest, I spent many years studying biological sciences (bachelor, master, and doctorate) and working as a researcher in several countries. With this training and practical experience in nature the expansion of consciousness was consequently facilitated. More recently the spiritual calling has been intensified through dreams, visions, and holistic trainings.

The facilitation session will be according to the client's needs. It may include:
ThetaHealing, Alchemist Tarot, Essential Oils, Shamanic Etheric Florals, Women's Etheric Florals, Quantum Etheric Acupuncture, Usui Reiki, Psychoalchemical Dolls Tarot, Brazilian Indigenous Tarot, Mystical Shaman Oracle, and Access Consciousness Bars.

Consultations will be held online in one of the following languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

I recently had an Alchemist Tarot reading. It was done in such a beautiful, warm and caring energy that I felt held with immense kindness. The reading was very insightful and encouragingly shone a light that sent me off on a new path of discovery! I am ever so grateful! - M. McPhail


I thank you for visiting this page and I hope that you will enjoy a holistic session with me. I am happy to discuss with you a holistic package option. Just fill in a form!

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Lost Lobos © 2022 All rights reserved.