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"Inspiração Divina na Criação Artística" LIVE 02/06 (Quarta-feira) 20h Brasil 4pm Vancouver, CA com Vania Halldorson-Facilitadora de Consciência e Rossana Gobbi -Artista Multimídia.

This LIVE will be in Portuguese on – June 2nd at 4 pm (Vancouver), 6 pm (Winnipeg), 7 pm (Toronto)🇨🇦 & 8 pm (Brasília) 🇧🇷.

Rossana Gobbi is a multimedia artist, a photographer, a writer and visitor of magical and spiritual places in Brazil and abroad.

The LIVE will be at the The Lost Lobos Company YouTube Channel:

Watch this LIVE to learn more about Rossana Gobbi and what led her in this path.

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Lost Lobos © 2022 All rights reserved.

Lost Lobos © 2022 All rights reserved.