Brazilian Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal

The Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal comes from an old farm in São Paulo State, Brazil, a commodity producer of the arabica variety – the raw material of the best blends found in Brazil and abroad – which  now roasts its product and brings it to the Canadian market under The Lost Lobos Company Inc./Fazenda Cafezal  brand. Whole bean or ground in foil  packages of 500 g or 100 g. Produced only with the best beans of each harvest – cultivated without toxic defensives – dried  on a brick patio,  meticulously picked by experienced professionals, it is roasted to perfection so as to reveal its unique qualities to discriminating connoisseurs.

Fazenda Cafezal, a coffee plantation located on top of the Botucatu ridge, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, has ideal soil, elevation and climate for gourmet coffee production, which is being done by the same family since 1891.

Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal distinguishes itself by its wonderful aroma, good body, balanced sweetness and acidity characteristics of an elegant cup, with a mild, delicious, long lasting flavor. It shows a creamy texture when prepared  as espresso. The low caffeine content of its 100% Arabica beans yields a healthy and exhilarating feeling and allows it to be tasted at any time.

Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal producers aim at a closer relationship with  its costumers so as to provide them with the highest level of satisfaction. They spare no effort to insure the quality of their product – the fruit of many generation´s passion for coffee.

And hope that everyone who savors their coffee can experience the same elation they feel while overlooking the Blue Mountains beyond the native forest covered valleys on the faraway horizon from the estate´s manor house porch.

Lost Lobos © 2024 All rights reserved.

Lost Lobos © 2024 All rights reserved.

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