Pantanal Birds

Who makes these beautiful birds?

They are handcrafted by teenagers of low-income families, which live in Corumbá City (Southern Pantanal, Brazil).

The “CASA DE MASSA BARRO” (House of Clay Crafts) is a cooperative, which aims to give a career opportunity to these teenagers (ages 9 – 14) by teaching them the art of clay crafting.

One of the requirements to participate in this program is to be enrolled in school.

The specialty is to handcraft elements of their reality such as the Pantanal fauna and flora and also warriors and saints (Virgin Mary of the Pantanal, San Francisco, etc). However, they can make other items as well.

Please, contact The Lost Lobos Company (  for any other ideas you may have for clay handcrafts  that you would like them to make for you.

Lost Lobos © 2023 All rights reserved.

Lost Lobos © 2023 All rights reserved.