Harvest Moon Festival 2017 (Clearwater, Manitoba)
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                      The Harvest Moon Festival will be celebrating the harvest season and local food production in Clearwater (Manitoba) from September 15 – 17, 2017. There will be music, food, workshops, … Continue reading

Holmfield Fourth Annual “Old Shoe Parade” – Manitoba
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Holmfield Fourth Annual Old Shoe Parade

                  The Lost Lobos Company Inc. will be in Holmfield (Manitoba) on August 5th, 2017 to enjoy the events of the largest “Old Shoe Parade” in the world.         … Continue reading

Killarney Farmers’ Market (Manitoba, Canada)
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                The Killarney Farmers’ Market starts on June 24, 2017     The Lost Lobos Company will be at the Killarney Farmers’ Market every Saturday this Summer   (June – September, 2017) from … Continue reading

Shamrock Centre Trade Show in Killarney (Manitoba, Canada)
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Trade Show

                  The Lost Lobos Company will be participating in the Shamrock Centre Trade Show and Exhibition in Killarney (Manitoba, Canada). The event will have more than 50 exhibitors and food services will … Continue reading

Christmas Market – Killarney, MB
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Christmas Show

  The Lost Lobos Company will be at the “Last Chance – Christmas Market” on December 12th, 2014. Time: 2 to 8 pm Killarney United Church CE Center 425 Williams Avenue Killarney, Manitoba Canada     Merry Christmas!!!!    

Brazilian Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal
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Estate's Manor House

The Gourmet Eco-Coffee/Fazenda Cafezal comes from an old farm in São Paulo State, Brazil, a commodity producer of the arabica variety – the raw material of the best blends found in Brazil and abroad – which  now roasts its product … Continue reading

Global Market Brandon (Manitoba, Canada)
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Global Market 2014

                                                2014 SEASON THE GLOBAL MARKET BRANDON IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SUMMER SEASON       … Continue reading

Açaí: A useful palm tree
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Açaí berry

                  The Açaí palm tree (Euterpe oleracea) is native to the Amazon region and proliferates through its water-meadows, lagoons and springs. The tree ranges from 20 to 25 m (60 to 75 feet) … Continue reading

Around the World Series: Panama, Iguanas & Kuna Indians!
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Kuna Indian Girl

The Republic of Panama is located on the isthmus connecting North and South America, between Costa Rica and Colombia, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Panama is famous for its canal (http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html), which was built to facilitate … Continue reading

Around the World Series: Bonito Region – An Eco-Tourism Destination in Brazil
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Cave of Blue Lake

                  The Bonito region encompasses three major cities: Bonito, Bodoquena & Jardim,   and is located in the western part of Mato Grosso do Sul State (Brazil). The region is a famous eco-tourism destination because it … Continue reading

Around the World Series: Wat Xieng Thong – A Buddhist temple in Laos
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Wat Xieng Thong is one of the most impressive Buddhist temples in Laos, located on the northern tip of the peninsula of Luang Phrabang. It was built in 1560 by King Setthathirath.   It has an incredible history: it is one of the few … Continue reading

Spring Collection – Thai Vintage Day-to-Day Tote Bags
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Red Thai Tote Bag

                                                                      The Lost Lobos Company in … Continue reading

2012 Lieutenant Governor’s Winter Festival – Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
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Brazil Pavillion - Winter Festival Brandon

                                  The Lost Lobos Company is participating in the Brandon Winter Festival – you can find us at the Brazil Pavilion (Shriners Hall – 1110 … Continue reading

Pantanal Birds
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Clay Pantanal Birds

  Who makes these beautiful birds?       They are handcrafted by teenagers of low-income families, which live in Corumbá City (Southern Pantanal, Brazil).   The “CASA DE MASSA BARRO” (House of Clay Crafts) is a cooperative, which aims … Continue reading

Golden Grass, Golden Beauty
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cestas - sml

Nature’s biodiversity has always been used by human populations for its survival in a variety of environmental conditions.  In the case of plant species, they have been harvested for direct consumption and/or to be used as utensils or even shelter. … Continue reading

Celebrate the Christmas Season
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  Artisans for centuries have been expressing their love for the Christmas Season by creating a variety of nativity scenes. Below are a few scenes created by the artisans of – The House of the Figure-Makers – in Taubaté, São … Continue reading

Dare to Explore the World!
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Kayapó 5

Dare to Explore the World! Learn about the many cultures on this planet! Immerse yourself into their lives…..just imagine how it is to be them!    Over the years, through my career as an Environmental Scientist, I have been fortunate … Continue reading

The Human Planet – BBC
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The Human Planet

Awesome documentary – The Human Planet – BBC Continue reading

The Pantanal Wetlands (Brazil)
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Know about Pantanal … Continue reading